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Academy of Marketing Conference AM2014

July 8th 2014 MHowell -

The Academy of Marketing Conference, AM2014, is being hosted by Bournemouth University.  Entitled Marketing Dimensions: People, Places and Spaces, the conference brings together leading marketers from across the globe.  With speakers hailing from the Americas, Asia, Africa and the Middle East as well as Europe, the conference is charged with a wealth of experience and expertise.

The focus of AM2014 is to explore the core challenge that all marketers face: understanding the behaviour of people, whether they are consumers, citizens, netizens or managers. This challenge is made more complex as behaviour changes depending on the place and context in which people are located and the physical (or virtual) space in which they are being examined. How has Marketing as an academic subject addressed the complexities of people, places and spaces, and what guidance can we give to practitioners to help them address this core challenge?

The keynote speaker is branding and reputation management expert Jonathan Gabay who takes a psycho-sociological approach to brand authenticity.  Author of 14 books  including The Brand Messiah, Johnathon is heralded as one of Europe’s leading Brand advisors.

Dr Julie Robson is conference chair for AM2014 and the committee has brought together an incredible array of speakers organised into 10 tracks such as eMarketing, Brand Identity & Corporate Reputation, Marketing & Public Relations, Entrepreneurship , B2B Marketing and Tourism Marketing.

Dr Julie Robson, Bournemouth University

Dr Julie Robson, Bournemouth University

The Academy of Marketing is a leading marketing organisation, catering to the needs of researchers and marketing professionals.  The AM2014 conference is hosted by Bournemouth University and is sponsored by Wiley, Oxford University Press, the IDM.  The Marketing Trust, Emerald Insight, Marketing Journal, Sage, Case Centre.

Follow the conference today via the hashtag #AMCON14


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