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Adido Presents… Digital Trends of 2013

March 18th 2013 nikkigloyns -

Bournemouth University’s Centre for Entrepreneurship welcomed Andy Headington from digital agency, Adido for a workshop on digital trends for 2013.

Adido is a full service digital agency and holds, among many other awards, the accolade of WireHive’s Fastest Growing Digital Agency in the South.  Andy explained to the packed lecture theatre how four BU students developed Adido from their early days of web development to the international digital agency they have become 10 years later. 

The focus for this workshop was the trends Adido believed would be significant to digital success in 2013.  Andy started out by reviewing the digital trends for 2012, which Adido thought were around authenticity; people don’t want to be spammed by brands and fake profiles and as a result the social media platforms and search engines are clamping down on fake profiles.  Being honest, open and transparent is vital.

 According to Adido, the key trends for digital in 2013 are mobile, search and social media.

Andy quoted how 7.1 million people in the UK are accessing the internet via their mobile phones which, he says, accounts for 12.59% of web traffic.  This is set in some industries to overtake desktop access within the next 12 months.  Ensuring your website works on a mobile device is essential to being competitive in 2013. 

From a digital marketing point of view, search is important in 2013.  Andy referenced how Google is clamping down on spam sites and how past link building strategies no longer work.   After briefly mentioning the various updates, including increasing localisation of results, he showed how the Google results have been changing over the past 4 years and the organic search real estate is being taken by PPC. 

The best way of getting social media to work for you is paid advertising, Andy claims.  Social Media creates lots of noise, but it is about KPI’s.  Do large numbers of followers drive what makes a business successful?  For a football club, for example, it could be about offline sales such as season tickets. 

Final thoughts from Andy were to be careful with what you share online and to be social and get involved.  He explained that the digital world and real the world will start to interface more in 2013 e.g. @pothos which is a plant that tweets when it needs watering, 3-D printing and Google glasses.

The Centre for Entrepreneurship was delighted to welcome Adido for the first in their series of workshops.  We look forward to seeing you at our next event.


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