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A work space that supports the digital technology sector and facilitates business innovation, collaboration and growth.

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To form a group of local and proactive business owners who visibly support and encourage entrepreneurship by acting as ‘Champions’ for entrepreneurship and ‘Ambassadors’ for the Centre for Entrepreneurship.


To encourage, foster and facilitate entrepreneurship and growth amongst local digital media businesses.

To provide a way for local business owners to visibly demonstrate their support for entrepreneurs.

 To provide an opportunity for local business owners to play a valuable and tangible part in the growth and development of the businesses based at the CfE.

CfE Entrepreneurs


Peter Czapp

Peter Czapp is co-founder of The Wow Company, a proactive accountancy...

Simon and Floodstop

Simon Phelps

Simon founded Fluvial Innovations Ltd alongside Bournemouth University in 2006.  Fluvial...

Gary Seneviratne

Gary Seneviratne

Gary has over 10 years’ experience as an entrepreneur, having started...

Ewan King

Ewan King

Ewan founded film communications business Content is King Ltd in 2000,...

Matt Hawkins

Matt Hawkins

At the age of 25, Matt Hawkins founded C4L in 2000,...

Bella Colour

Arabella Lewis-Smith

Jointly founding the Salad graphic design and digital consultancy in...

Damien cropped

Damien Lee

Entrepreneur and founder of Mr Lee’s Noodles Company Ltd. Damien is an adventurous and focused entrepreneur...