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Peter Czapp

February 12th 2013 nikkigloyns -

Peter Czapp is co-founder of The Wow Company, a proactive accountancy practice that advises small creative businesses across the UK, helping them make more profit, pay less tax and have more fun! Some of Wow’s clients have achieved amazing things; changing their industries, winning awards and ultimately selling for millions. However, most of Wow’s clients are small creative businesses that just do ok. They tick along. So what is the difference between those that make it big, and those that don’t?

Peter is passionate about sharing insights into what Wow’s most successful creative businesses do differently, including sharing practical tips that people can apply into their own businesses right away.

We are delighted to welcome Peter to the Entrepreneurs in Residence scheme; he will bring with him innovative ideas that will make a real difference for the businesses who work with the scheme.  You can find out more about The Wow Company by visiting the website:


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