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Launch of ColourMe Wellies by el RHEY Limited

February 19th 2014 nikkigloyns -

el RHEY Limited, one of the Centre for Entrepreneurship’s’ 6th floor residents, are pleased to announce the launch of their first product, ColourMe Wellies.  The girls at el RHEY have been in the office since October 2013, working hard to ensure the successful development and launch of the el RHEY brand and their first product.

ColourMe Wellies were designed in-house with both kids and parents in mind: they are fun, practical and encourage skills development. The wellingtons come in a fun gift bag along with 4 quality art markers and a colouring book to form a creative bundle of joy for kids to explore on a rainy day.  With the product proudly displayed on their desk, el RHEY are now seeking retail partners within and outside the UK who would like to be one of the first to unveil ColourMe Wellies to the market.

For more information about el RHEY Limited and ColourMe Wellies, please visit



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